The B2B sales team of Comcast relies on Signature Success Plan, which comes with a unique feature, known as Signature Support. Since application quality and adhering to best practices are critical to Comcast’s future business growth, it becomes important for it to depend on Salesforce’s Signature Success Plan.

How Signature Success Plan Helps Comcast for Sales Operation?

A Signature Support engineer assigned to Comcast has created a dashboard based on performance metrics, which helps developers to always remain focused on priority issues.

Also, the Signature Support plays in pivotal role in the time-bound deployment process of Comcast. Signature Support gets notification on release plans and on the basis of which, it gives back-end monitoring as well as status reports. In case of any issue, it quickly responds to provide resolution plans. Besides, Signature Support is also capable of identifying things that hinder deployment process; thus, allowing smooth deployment.

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