A la carte packs or what it’s usually known as “skinny bundles” are rocking these days as the traditional cable companies are providing customers with options for choosing from different packs and they can skip channels they don’t ever watch. Customers usually pay inflated prices for hundreds of channels they don’t even watch. And hence, this is where services like pick-and-choose streaming allows customers to pay for the selected channels they really watch. It offers customers an economical option for streaming channels that you are interested in.


Spectrum is the entrant in the a la carte club with its TV choice which is being targeted at the large segment of Spectrum’s consumer base. Initially the a la carte service was only available to a select consumer group, but now, the company is expanding to most of its existing markets including the one survived by the Time warner cable.

This streaming choice may be appealing for some consumers, as it provides you access to your local TV programming ABC, FOX, NBC, CBS as well as AMC USA, Food Network, TNT, CNN, PBS, and FX will also be available on your streaming portfolio. Though you can also stream the same through over-the-air antenna, however, with Spectrum TV choice lets you stream contents on your tablet, smartphone, PC, Roku, gaming console like Xbox, instead of just big screen i.e. TV.

With the new choice, you can choose 10 channels according to your interests from a list of total 65 channels. You are offered to choose from channels like Disney Channel, CNN, ESPN, HGTV, Fox Sports, AMC, TBS, etc. And like other competitive companies there is also a premium a la carte pack you can choose, that includes channels like The Movie Channel, HBO, Starz, Showtime, and Starz Encore etc.

Reportedly, Spectrum service cost $21.99 for starting two years and with a service fee of $3.00 per month brings it to $25 a month. Also, with premium add-on channels bring another $15 to total costs. Alternately, you specifically choose each channels for $7.50 each a month.

Comparing with DirecTV Now which offers 60+ channels for a subscription of $35 a month. The cheapest service from Sling TV costs you $20 per month for 30 channels. Spectrum doesn’t seem to be all competitive in pricing, but the choice to choose what channels you want to watch can be attractive for some.