This article provides you the instructions to configure your Netgear router for broadband and cable Internet connection, using a smart wizard. To configure your router using smart wizard, follow the steps given below :

  1. Establish a connection between the router and the Netgear modem, and connect the modem to your computer system using a LAN cable plugged in any of the four LAN ports of the modem.
  2. Switch ON the modem, router and the computer and wait for them to boot up.
  3. Open any web browser and enter the router’s IP address i.e. or and press Enter.

Steps to configure netgear router for cable internet connection

a) The browser will prompt you to router log in.

b) Enter the username and password, i.e. the default username is ‘admin’ and the default password is ‘password’. These are case sensitive.

c) If the default username and password won’t work, it is because you’ve changed them. However, if you’ve forgotten the username and password, restore the router to factory settings. Check the guide to learn about factory settings restoration of router.

  1. Open the Setup Wizard
  2. The Setup Wizard will ask you for the permission to automatically detect the connection type. Click ‘Yes’ and click ‘Next’.
  3. The connection type selected for cable Internet connection is ‘Dynamic IP.’ Click ‘Next’ to save the router settings.

You can check your ‘Router Status’ in the ‘Maintenance’ section.

However, if these instructions aren’t helpful, then you can contact Netgear customer support to solve all your queries.