You can restore your Clash Of Clans village or game save if you have linked it with a Google+ account. One Google+ account can only be linked to one game save. This simply means that multiple game saves cannot be linked with a single Google+ account.

If you are not able to restore your old game save or village and if you’ve linked your village with a Google+ account or believe that another village is linked with it, then there are two scenarios:

  • You linked your old village or game save with a different account. In this case, you’ll have to find the right Google+ account in order to restore your old game save. Clear Clash Of Clans cache, start a new game and sign in with the right Google+ account for restoring the old game save.
  • You did not link the old game save with a Google+ account. In this case, you’ll have to get in touch with SuperCell support for restoring your old game save.

Contacting SuperCell support for restoring old game save

  1. Open In Game Settings in Clash Of Clans app.
  2. Be sure to link your current game save with a Google+ account.
  3. Select Help and Support under the In Game Settings menu.
  4. Select Report an Issue.
  5. Select Other Problem.

Provide a detailed description of the issue and DO NOT CHANGE OR REMOVE THE PRE-POPULATED DATA.

The following details will be required:

  • Old game save or village name.
  • Your old village clan name or name of the clan if your old village was in one.
  • Old village Town Hall level.
  • Date and time when the old game save was last accessed.

Your Town Hall level must be below 4 in the current game save or village as it may cause issues during the restoration process.

It usually takes 2-4 weeks for the support team to reply with a resolution.

Note: Directly send an email to [email protected] if you are not able to access the Report an Issue feature in the game. Also, be sure to mention the details of the current game save as well. The support team will reply as soon as possible.