An updated TomTom GPS device provides precise locations and navigation information to the users. As we know over time roads and highways may change and new streets may appear. So, keeping your TomTom GPS updates is an important task. Updating a GPS device is easy and there are a couple of ways to update your unit. In this article you can learn to update TomTom navigation device using MyDrive Connect.

  • First, using a USB cable connect your TomTom device to your PC.
  • Now turn on your TomTom unit.
  • Wait until the MyDrive Connect app launches on your PC upon recognizing your device.

How to update TomTom GPS unit?

If you haven’t installed the MyDrive Connect application yet, then go to then click “Get Started” and download application on your computer. Install the program after downloading it.

  • Using your email address and password sing in to the MyDrive Connect.
  • Click “Update” located under the “My Updates and New Items” option. After this MyDrive Connect will automatically download and install the latest map updates on your device.
  • Wait until the installation completes. Once the latest update completes, the screen will close automatically.
  • Disconnect the device from your PC. Your device will be updated after successfully completing the above steps.

In case you are not able to update your device, then you can get help from TomTom support service.