According to the sources, the largest United States’ wireless carrier, Verizon Communications Inc. may soon announce a deal with the NFL (National Football League) for digital streaming rights. Once the deal is finalized, Verizon would get the right to broadcast the games to the internet connected smartphones, TVs, and tablets.

It will be an expansion of the previous contract that limits Verizon to broadcast the contents on screens with sizes 7-inches or smaller – mainly on phones. But the new contract will enable the carrier to allow the subscribers to access the games on all gadgets including big screen televisions, according to the source.

Further, according to another source, Verizon will miss the exclusive rights to broadcast games on smartphones, but it may provide an opportunity to cable & satellite companies, and digital media streaming providers such as SlingTV and DirecTV Now, to offer their consumers stream matches on smartphones via their apps.

Verizon, NFL to soon announce Digital Streaming Deal

Once all the concerned parties are informed, the deal may get finalized. Further, the duration of the agreement and financial details are not yet known. It is said that the contract will also enable Verizon to air the NFL’s Thursday night matches. Though, Verizon FiOS service customers are already having access to the games on the TV as it offers networks like NBC and ESPN on its channel lineup.

Moreover, currently, Verizon has streaming rights to mobile including games on Sunday, Thursday, and Monday nights. As Verizon builds an advertising and online videos strategy, the NFL deal will provide the company with some compelling programming in this regard as it’s been among the most-watched TV programs in the country.

Further, the company has also “moved on” from A&M deals after considering the acquisitions deals like with Charter Communications Inc.

Moreover, with this deal, the NFL will get another channel for games as ratings are going down on traditional TV.

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