If you find any charge on your credit card or bank details that you don’t identify. Then, by signing in to your Microsoft account, you can easily check the Xbox purchase history online to verify the charge.

Note: If you go online to view the purchase history for Xbox, then for this you must enter your Microsoft account e-mail address & password. In case you forgot your account and password then go to the Lost Account Help page to get help regarding account recovery. Also, go to the Lost Password Help page for help regarding password recovery.


Follow below steps to view purchase history online:

In case you find a charge for Xbox on your credit card or bank statement that isn’t recognized by you, then review the purchase history for your Xbox online to verify the charge. Just follow below steps for this:

  • First of all, you need to sign in to Payment and billing by entering your Microsoft e-mail account.

Note: In case you forgot your Microsoft account or password, you can get help on Lost Password help page or Lost Account Help page.

  • Now compare your Credit Card or Bank details with the history details of Xbox purchases you made to identify the charge.

In case you are still not sure about the purchase or it’s not in the Xbox purchase history, get assistance from these Purchase History FAQs.

View transactions on Xbox 360 console:

In case of Xbox 360 console, check the guide to view purchase history on Xbox 360.

Note: Currently, there is not an option to view purchase history on Xbox One console.

In case you still don’t identify the purchases on your credit card or bank statement or it doesn’t appear in the purchase history, read these more FAQs to help. Also, if nothing works then contact Xbox customer service to get help about it.

Should you find issues viewing Xbox purchase history or other problems. Find complete help for all Xbox issues with Xbox technical support service.