There are two ways to whitelist your email senders in Yahoo! Mail. First, you need to look through your Yahoo Bulk folder. If you find an email in here from the one whom you want to add to your whitelist, highlight it and click on the icon of “Not Spam”. Any future emails from this sender will now go to your inbox automatically.

However, this works only after that person has sent you an email which you can track down as it has been swept away as a spam. If you have not yet received an email from this individual, you can use the second option.

Create A Filter

You may create a filter to automatically send emails from particular domains to your inbox. Click on the “Options” present at the top right corner of the navigation bar. Select “Mail Options” from the drop-down list. Select “Filters” from the list that appears next and then click on “Add”.

Whitelist Email Sender or a Domain In Yahoo! Mail

Now select the field that you wish to match with the incoming emails you are expecting. For instance, you might want to match something that will appear in the “To” line or something that will appear in the header. Choose how you want the match to be made, such as you want to block anything which “consists” of this word or phrase. Now type or enter the text which you wish to compare, like “From Folks in Business”. Select a destination folder, that would be your Yahoo inbox.

The first method is quite easier, so if you are familiar with the sender you want to make sure that you receive emails from, ask him to send a blank or test email before so that you may inform Yahoo that it is not a Spam in a single click. But if this is not an option, you may take a few more steps to ensure the email in question shows up in your inbox.