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Microsoft is the owner of Xbox which is a popular video gaming brand. Xbox is a popular gaming console series developed by Microsoft. The company released three consoles in the sixth, seventh, and eighth generation consoles respectively.

The brand offers products and services including games, streaming services, as well as an online service called Xbox Live. Xbox was first launched in the United States, in Nov 2001, with the introduction of the original Xbox console.

Xbox Live Customer Service Number – FOR HELP – 833-452-2831

Products offered by Xbox


It was first released in November 2001, in North America. This was the first attempt of Microsoft to enter into the gaming console market. The Xbox consoles were part of the sixth-generation gaming consoles and competed with Nintendo’s GameCube, Sega’s Dreamcast, and Sony’s PlayStation 2.

Xbox 360

It was introduced in November 2005, as a successor of the original Xbox. The Xbox 360 was available with extensive features like Xbox Live service as well as enabled user to stream multimedia contents. Further, with new updates later it also came with features like purchasing and streaming movies, television shows, and music through the Xbox Video and Xbox music. Also, Microsoft launched an advanced sensor system called Kinect which is an effective motion control system.

Xbox One

It was the successor of the Xbox 306 and was released on November 2013. This console competes with the pre-dominant gaming consoles like Nintendo’s Wii U and Sony’s PlayStation 4 . This is the eight-generation console available in the market. Its design has emphases on the internet based features including feature to record and stream gameplay, connect with set-top box for streaming satellite or cable TV and many more exciting features.

Xbox Support

In case of any technical errors or issues with your Xbox unit you can simply contact Xbox customer support team who can provide you with the proper solutions. While using your Xbox unit any kind of technical error may cause big trouble. Further, such kind of issues may not be easy to solve at your own and require expert assistance. Therefore, if you get into any of such problems, by dialing the Xbox technical support helpline you can resolve such technical problems quite effectively.

We are the third-party support service provider who give you best solutions to resolve your technical hassles. Through our support phone number, you can connect to the technical team which consists of qualified engineers to resolve your issues quickly.

Our Xbox Technical Support service provides instant and reliable support service to help you resolve your issues as soon as possible. Our technical staff is well-versed to provide best and necessary technical assistance at your fingertips.

Some specialties of our support service

  • Our technical team offer step-by-step solutions to various issues.
  • Through our technical support service, you get 100% accuracy and get results very quickly.
  • Our technical team identifies the true cause of the problem then provide with the best possible solution.
  • You can contact our technical team anytime through the support helpline.
  • Get complete guidance to resolve any kind of technical issues in moments.
  • Our support service is available 24/7 and hence you can contact us anytime to resolve all sorts of Xbox related issues.
  • Xbox support service provides you with the proper guidance to troubleshoot any errors related to the unit.
  • Get instant support through phone call, via email or even remote assistance.

Whatever problems you are facing regarding your Xbox unit the solution is just a call away. Just ring at the Xbox technical helpline number or get instant support via our website:

What to do if my Xbox 360 device is not detecting my wireless network?

There might be several possible cases of this problem. Find below steps if you have any related trouble then resolve the issue accordingly.

Step 1: 

  • Hit the Guide button on the Xbox controller and then go to ‘Settings’, now choose ‘System Settings’.
  • Choose ‘Network Settings’.
  • Check if your network is listed under the ‘Available Networks’ heading.
  • If yes then connect to the network else go to the next step.

Step 2:

Check if you have a wireless adapter, follow step 3 if yes else follow step 4 if you don’t have a wireless adapter.

Step 3:

In case of Wireless G Networking Adapter:

  • If the light on your wireless adapter now is red then your wireless adapter is functioning properly. The possible cause of the issue could be the interruptions of wireless network. Such problem may occur due to the third-party wireless headsets as they the broadcasting speed of the routers and such headsets are same which might be the possible cause.
  • If the color of the light on your wireless adapter is flashing red then try to plug the adapter into a different USB port on your Xbox console.
  • If the light on the adapter is off then unplug the adapter from the USB port on the console and plug it into any other port.

Note: If the adapter is connected to the Xbox successfully you’ll see green light on the adapter.

In case of Wireless N Networking Adapter:

  • If the light on your Wireless N Networking Adapter is flashing green then check for the network interruptions. The light indicates that the adapter is functional but there might be some issues with the network signals. Disconnect any third-party wireless headsets as they may cause network interruptions.
  • If the light is flashing red then unplug the networking adapter form the current USB port on console and plug the adapter in a different port.
  • If you find the light on console is off then plug the adapter in a different USB port on console.

If the problem still persists then contact Xbox support service to get instant assistance for resolving issues.

Step 4:

  • If your Xbox console shows message that you need a wireless network adapter then you will need to buy a new adapter as your current adapter isn’t functioning.
  • If you don’t get a message telling, you need a wireless network then the possible cause of this issue is network interruptions. Check what is interrupting the network signal and fix it. If you have any third-party headsets connected then disconnect it.

Step 5:

If nothing works and you are still facing the issue then contact Xbox customer support by dialing helpline number to get professional help.

How to use Game mode while Gamming on my PC?

Game Mode enhance your experience to high extent when playing games on Windows 10. Game Mode brings the gaming experience to the next level as it offers an immersive gamming experience.

Simply you need to turn on the Game Mode for each game to use the game mode. You can turn on the Game Mode following below steps:

  • Press Windows logo key + G to go to the Game bar.
  • Now from the Game bar choose settings.
  • Click on the “Game Mode” check box from ‘General’ tab.

Note: Some games applications may turn on the Game Mode automatically. Hence, if the game is already in Game Mode, the check box will be selected.

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