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Banking Interview Questions – What Not To Do

Banking is one of the most challenging industries in which to get hired. The number of applicants for each vacant position can be as high as 100-to-1. The worst thing a potential applicant can do is to make mistakes in answering banking interview questions. Here are some examples of what you do not want to do when you are interviewing for a banking position.

Lack of enthusiasm

Most interviewers will form an impression of you within the first 60 seconds based on how you act and what you say. If you fail to show interest in the position, the company will pass on hiring you. A successful applicant will show enthusiasm for their accomplishments and be able to clearly articulate how they will benefit the company. If you are unable to enthusiastically sell yourself during the interview, how do you expect to sell anything to your bank’s customers?

Dress inappropriately

I once interviewed a person for a banking position that showed up for the interview wearing shorts and flip flops. I asked him if he thought bankers wore this type of attire in their position. His response was that he thought this interview was casual and that is why he dressed the way he did. Always dress more conservatively than the position requires. You do not want to damage your chance of getting a job by dressing inappropriately.

Inefficient knowledge of key job requirements

You may expect the position you are interviewing for includes extensive interaction with bank clients during golf outings, sporting events or dinner. If your expectations for the job are way off then the company will reject your application. If your job routinely requires 80+ hour work weeks then do not ask if you can work only 50 hours.

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Ringing cell phone

You should never bring a cell phone to an interview. If you must bring your cell phone, make sure to turn off the ringer before the interview starts. Nothing is more disrespectful to an interviewer than to have a cell phone ring in the middle of an interview. If it does ring, DO NOT ANSWER the phone!

Talking Negatively

If you had a conflict in your current or previous position, do not talk negatively about the issue. Companies do not want employees who are going to be negative because this impacts team dynamics and performance. You do not want to use profanity in answering questions. This shows a lack of professionalism. If you are talking with a bank client and you use profanity, it may lose their account which could be a multi-million dollar account.

An interview is a dialogue between the company and yourself. The interview benefits both parties to determine whether or not a candidate is a good fit for a banking position. Making these mistakes will terminate any chance you have of getting the position.

By Miracle