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Banking With Chase Bank

Established in 2004, Chase Bank is one of the largest banking institutions and a subsidiary of J P Morgan of the US. Chase Bank has a long history of mergers and acquisitions. Earlier it was known as Chase Manhattan Bank until it merged with JPMorgan in 2000. It has assets worth $2 trillion. It provides a variety of financial services to consumers and organizations. The bank is headquartered in Chicago and its branches are located in almost the entire country.

Every customer of the bank has access to online banking. Through this service anybody can operate accounts from any place and at any time they want. First you have to open online account. Once your account is created, you can login to your account with a unique username and a password provided at the time of account creation One you login to your account, you can now enjoy all types of online services of the bank.

Also you can avail various types of loan products like fixed rate, renovation mortgages, interest-only mortgages, ARM products, conforming mortgage loans and subprime mortgage loans. Chase Mortgage’s customer service helps the consumers in deciding which mortgage products to apply for. Chase mortgage loan products are ideal for first timer home buyers and also for refinancing the existing mortgage on their homes. Recently, Chase announced its merger with

Chase bank has a swift code which is very useful in doing international transfers of funds electronically. The swift code for Chase Bank is CHASUS33.

One of the saving options offered by the bank is Money Market Account. You can earn a higher interest when you have more balance and motivates you to save more. There is 2$ fee for ATM withdrawal from a non-Chase ATM. Chase money market interest rates are competitive and affordable in nature.

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Few of the various types of credit cards offered by the bank are Freedom Visa Card, Slate, Sapphire Visa, INK business card etc. There are various features associated with this cards like cash back offers on purchase, rewards and bonus points. Also you can also invest in Chase CD as the rates are good and it is a good investment option.

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