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Grow Beyond Boundaries!

In the wake of Globalization and free trade pacts, the definition of job is fast changing. Qualifications, knowledge in your field of interest is not enough to grab a job of your choice. Though you have excellent hold on your subject, to excel in your field, you have to update your knowledge on day to day basis to keep up with the ever changing trends globally. Many companies’ business activities are depending upon foreign countries, where working environment is entirely different. If you wish to excel as global executive, you have to develop certain skills to become successful.

The following tips will help you to become a global executive:

Get ready for change: The project which you are handling now may not be there from next month. Due to company’s growing demand, they may have some more projects signed up with different companies. You have to gear up yourself to meet this kind of challenges arise due to change in business goals. You have to train yourself to meet the knowledge needs of global level projects. Many companies train their employees to help them meet this kind of challenges.

Cross cultural behavior: You have to have awareness about cross cultural behavior as you may have to work at Client’s place to facilitate faster completion of projects. You have to understand about how to behave with your foreign colleagues and their habits. You have to learn how to greet people and what kind of choicest words to use to get the things done based on the local behavioral patterns. You have to understand the culture, habits, language, social behavior and dress sense before leaving for the country where you have to work. You have to get yourself acquainted with the local weather conditions and you have to improve your dress sense accordingly.

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Cross cultural communication: This skill plays vital role in making you successful in foreign countries. You have to understand the importance of globally accepted communication styles, if you work in BPO or in sales department. You have to talk to various foreign customers due to your demands of the job. You have to improve your language skills inevitably and also master the local language to interact with the clients effectively. You have to learn to write e-mails with result oriented writing skills, which attracts the attention of the prospective clients. Though you have sufficient knowledge in foreign trade banking, if you do not have good presentation skills along with English language skills, you may not be able to grab the opportunities available in that field.

Networking and friendship: You have to develop your social skills to network with people and develop friendship to succeed in your field. You have to mingle with people when you are working with foreign people, it is very important to mingle with them to enhance team spirit. You have to develop your awareness with regard to local social, cultural traditions, to understand people and their working styles.

Outside of work: You can expect anything from others but not character. You have to guard yourself against the racial discrimination when you are moving in the foreign Society. You have to talk to people politely and respect their privacy and rights. You should not be argumentative and always maintain cool demeanor. You have to find out safe travel modes and should have your own travel arrangements to move cautiously.

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