Sun. Apr 14th, 2024

In today’s world, applications are everywhere. An application also known as an app is software with instructions that helps the user to complete tasks. There are millions of apps out there in the digital world. Platforms such as the android play store and the app store have millions of apps.

A few years ago, we could only rely on computers to do simple tasks such as sending emails. Today computing power has been transferred to the mobile device and we rarely need computers as much.

Mobile apps have made our life simpler since now we can use the apps for almost everything. Here are 5 ways you can use applications to make your life less stressful. has lots of information on other applications you can take advantage of.

  • Online shopping.

Ever tried going to the supermarket only to discover that the product you wanted is out of stock? The feeling is so frustrating because you have wasted your time and money traveling there.

You could easily avoid this next time by shopping online from the comfort of your home. The best part of it all is that you can check if the product is available. Delivery to the destination of your choice is also available.

Some of the most popular online shops are flip kart, snap deal, jabong, Jumia, Amazon, Alibaba, and eBay.

  • Communication.

The terminology communication is key is very popular in any business that wants to thrive. In the old day’s businesses only relied on emails for communication but times have changed.

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Today your business can engage more with customers and employees on different platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. These applications enable you to enlarge your pool of potential customers and provide feedback from both your customers and employees.

  •  Education.

The education system is expensive and outdated. Student debt is also very high and a huge burden for most graduates.

The good news is that you can educate yourself online on different websites. You can learn from E-books, E-library, or subscribe to an educational YouTube channel.

  • Entertainment.

Remember when television was the only means of entertainment? Not only was this so limiting but also frustrating since you could only view your program once a week.

To make matters worse if you missed an episode good luck on viewing it. Netflix and other apps such as amazon prime have made this much simpler and now you have unlimited high rating shows.

You can view it by just using your mobile phone. Face book, twitter, snap chat, Instagram, and YouTube are other platforms for entertainment with funny memes and videos.

  • Banking.

This is the safeguarding of your money with a financial institution. Banking was very frustrating in the past. The only way for you to deposit or withdraw your hard-earned income was by visiting the bank. Imagine having to do this when you have an emergency.

Today most banks have realized the importance of having their banking apps. The apps are so fast in conducting transactions saving time for both the customer and the bank.

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Such apps include M-pesa a mobile app that can transact money transactions from on phone to another in seconds. Online transactions have been simplified by the use of PayPal.

To sum everything up, we are living in a digital era. Life can be very complex with the ever-increasing technology updates. The good news is that as technology becomes more complex developers update applications to be more simple and easier to use. The core reason for having apps is to make life easier. Join the digital world and have a simpler better life.






By Miracle