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How to Offshore Business and Safeguard Assets

Did you know that you can offshore a company to places like Dominica which specialize in offshore banking as well as IBC’s which is International Business Company. An IBC is a company that is exempt from paying the taxes of the country in which it resides. This means reduced operating costs for the company in question. This also means you can conceal your identity if you are the owner of the said company. Hence there are a variety of benefits to off-shoring to remote locations. Dominica is an enchanting island off the Caribbean and is home to one of the largest industries which hosts the off-shored companies. The only condition that you need to follow while off-shoring a company is that business is not allowed to be carried on with the host nation. Other than the yearly payment of registration fees, usually the companies can be run with little to no overhead or tax. However, countries like Seychelles and a few others have put a stop to this under the international pressure that has been exerted on them and they now

The primary reason people sometimes prefer to bank overseas is to increase the security of their assets and insulate them from economic collapse and unfortunate events which may otherwise harm the money which is kept for safeguarding in the home country. For example, in the event of a war or civil unrest, investors may lose money since banks in their country are under the control of governments and accounts could be seized thus leading too problems.

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To start a International Business company or an off-shored company, one needs a company director and the shareholder to sign the registration documents. However, the shareholder is allowed to be the director and vice versa. Hence the company can essentially be run by a single person who is in charge of it. Also you will be eligible for an offshore bank account which can be accessed from the internet once the IBC has been opened. To run the IBC in Dominica it is enough if the company has a registered office with agent who is also registered. Moderate maintenance fees will also be required but this is a negligible amount.

You should not wonder how you will be able to operate an account that is located all the way in remote Dominica. For this reason, it is extremely easy to access the account even through the internet through a secure server. Another good reason to bank offshore is the privacy you get. Under certain laws, your financial information is under the safe hands of a private entity who will release them under no condition. None of the information is available to public eyes anywhere as it is against the law to release information regarding the bank’s clients who are usually the owners of the IBC.

Once you have started the IBC and have a bank account in the company’s name you can rest easy knowing that you money will be safe. Even corporate entities can make use of this arrangement for asset security purposes. In addition to this, since Dominica is an English speaking nation, you will face no hassles while operating in various offshore business facilities and you can also trade in any currency for your convenience with transfers being cleared in short duration While off-shoring banking to Dominica you will experience efficiency due to the expertise Dominican banks have in handling international accounts.

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