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Recruitment in Banks – Types Of Jobs In The Banking Sector

The banking sector is one of the fastest growing industries. The banks are growing in terms of products and services to their clients. This growth has led to the banks seeking to recruit new staff to cope with the demand for their banking services. With online banking becoming increasingly popular banks are recruiting both professional bankers as well as information technology experts to meet the growing demand for their services.

The investment banking sector will seek to recruit more financial analysts as opposed to their commercial bank counterparts who will recruit a wider scope of staff. There is demand for financial analysts as investment banks grow their portfolios. These financial analysts will have the basic role of investing the client’s money in various financial instruments to maximize the return on investment. The financial analyst will basically be graduates from the various universities with strong accounting and finance backgrounds. There are growth opportunities for financial analysts, and they can grow from graduate trainees to middle and senior management levels.

Investment banks will also aim at recruiting marketers who can sell the various investment products and services to their clients. The investment banks will recruit persons who can explain their various products and show their clients the benefits accruing from signing up with them. Since investment is usually long term in nature the marketers of investment products need to be persuasive in a bid to grow their bank portfolios.

There are many other different opportunities in the investment banking sectors. The banks recruit Information Technology experts who will support their operations. The world is becoming a global village and investment banks are investing all over the world using the power of the internet. The banks trade in foreign exchange with currencies being traded over the internet, thus the need for information technologists to support the bank operations.

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The commercial banks have many different opportunities for employment. The banks will employ graduate trainees in different fields such as marketing, finance, accounting and information technologies. Recruitment in banks will be determined by the various needs in the market place. The banks will employ middle to senior level managers in the various capacities. The demand for various professional skills in the banking sector has grown over time.

The commercial banks may recruit managers for a new or existing branch to head operations in that branch. They may also seek to recruit managers to champion the various products on offer. Managers can also be employed to head departments such as customer care, IT, marketing, operations and finance.

Opportunities are also available for entry level jobs in the banking sector. Opportunities for recruitment in banks for entry level jobs are many, as the banks like to employ and train their own staff as opposed to staffing from outside. The banks will undertake to train the entry level employees with the hope that they will grow their careers to managerial level. Most of the employees who are recruited at entry level will grow their careers to become middle and senior level managers.

There are many opportunities in the banking sector with jobs ranging from entry level to middle and senior management levels. Recruitment in banks is ongoing as the sector grows in terms of products, services and client numbers.

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