Mon. Mar 4th, 2024

Secure And Private Offshore Bank

There are four types of people who need an offshore bank account: Independently wealthy individuals, Expats making,significant money, Active investors who day-trade the global market with an IBC (International Business Company), and global entrepreneurs who own and operate a business in the International marketplace. The primary reason these people require an offshore bank account and trust structure is: Privacy – to protect them from the litigious environment onshore, as well as the issues surrounding identity theft, or worse still is the snooping of government agencies.Unfortunately though, the offshore bank secrecy that was enjoyed for so many years by the uber-wealthy, is increasingly a thing of the past.

The recommended remedy for diminishing offshore bank confidentiality is to create a Trust, often referred to as an APT (asset protection trust). The main promise fulfilled by a properly created trust is; Privacy, and in today’s world the privacy from probing government agencies can be the most valuable of all forms, however the main benefit of the offshore structure is as an investment vehicle for the global markets and offshore investments. In most offshore jurisdictions, very little information about an APT is registered with the government. The actual terms of the trust agreement and the parties involved need not be disclosed. Most of the registration information filed is not available to the public. If there is any public record, it may be no more than a registry of APTs by name, date of creation and the name of the local trustee. This does not reveal the trust grantor or the beneficiaries. In these privacy conscious countries, a trustee is allowed to reveal information only in very limited circumstances, and then, usually, only by local court order. In the last few years, offshore banking has found new solutions to overcome the problems of loss of privacy. The APT is the key, coupled with online access to offshore bank accounts, giving the customer the ability to wire-transfer money anywhere, in any currency, or to load debit cards and transfer money easily from one private account to another, no-matter what happens with bank secrecy laws in the offshore world.

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The beauty of having a bullet-proof APT with offshore banking is the access it provides you to world-class offshore investment products, global stock markets, futures and options, or even precious metals, all the while avoiding the headaches of onshore regulation and the minutia of reporting. This provides a true vehicle for protecting yourself and your family from another financial crisis. You will enjoy peace of mind knowing the your APT and offshore bank account have been created, and as time goes by, whether or not the bank secrecy laws become more strict, you will have the freedom to manage your wealth offshore in any matter you see fit. Creating your APT and funding your offshore bank account could very well turn-out to be one of the best financial decisions you ever make.

By Miracle