Sun. May 26th, 2024

The Financial Review

There are now many sites owned by large corporations claiming to offer “Independent” financial help and support, after visiting many of these sites it is clear that they are all offering different products as the best savings account, or best current account, etc. How can they all be correct?? They cant, its that simple, what I have discovered after trawling through these sites in search of clearly worded, independent useful advice on how to get more from my finances is that there are few that can actually offer it, there are a couple however…

There are new sites giving exactly whats needed, clear unbiased advice on the best banking accounts out there, whether it be savings, credit cards, current accounts, etc. These sites do exactly what they ‘say on the tin’, no jargon is used and it is straight to the point, well worth looking at if you want a genuine sites giving useful financial information.

Check some out and I’m sure you wont be disappointed!

There are more and more sites like this popping up now, is that a result of the global financial crisis? Are people looking more towards truly independent advice after finding that the banks and large financial organisations that we trusted weren’t being honest with us, they played with our money and now perhaps we are all looking into our finances that little deeper. Our loyalty to the bank we’ve been with so long is slowly eroding, we need to get more from our money, we need the best accounts, with the best rates and the truth is that we have the freedom to choose! So yes we are looking at these smaller independent sites because we will at least see what is available in the knowledge that we will not be shepherded down a particular route that we dont want to go down, become financial independent, its your money and its your choice where you put it! Its time we found out what we can really get with our money, get on the web and FIND the BEST DEAL!

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By Miracle