Sun. May 26th, 2024

The Importance of Cord Blood

The blood that stays in the baby’s placenta and remains attached to the umbilical cord even after cutting is what we can call cord blood. It is generally loaded with stem cells and can be used later in life to cure several fatal diseases. Earlier, this blood was not given importance in medicine and no one would store the blood for future medical use. However, the importance of this blood was discovered after thorough research and it is now possible to save this blood. Several banks specialize in the storage of this kind of blood. The reason cord blood is so important is because it has stem cells. These stem cells can regenerate themselves and form other organs, tissues etc. They have natural properties to develop immunity since they are not exposed to virus or any other diseases. The blood is pure and immature, thus it is even better than bone marrow. Research states that almost 80 diseases can be treated with stem cells and it can be used any time in the future. However, these cells have a life span; they cannot be stored for more than 15 years. Nevertheless, technological advancement may increase the storage life of these cells. In this article, we shall discuss the advantages of cord blood.


No need for perfect match – Unlike bone marrow this blood does not require a perfect match. It can be used even if there is slight match between the donor and receiver. This is one of the most crucial factors and can prove to be very helpful during emergencies.

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No complications – Cord blood transplant or use for medicinal purposes does not involve any risks. Thus, there are fewer complications when this blood is used for treatment. It does not attack the patient’s own tissues, nor does it interfere with treatment.

It is ready to use – The process of collection of this blood is done with extreme care and precaution. It does not require any testing since it is collected and frozen only after proper testing. The blood is readily available and a match can be obtained quickly.

Rich source – Cord blood is a rich source of stem cells. It has ten times more cells as compared to bone marrow. Hence, a lesser quantity can be used for treatment. Moreover, it doesn’t require a perfect match and can save a life. It is a social cause and imagine how good you will feel if you can save someone else’s child. Indeed, a beautiful experience, since you are giving a new life to someone through the act of donating. The procedure for storing is not at all complicated and it can be collected without any disturbance to the mother or baby. The collection process is effortless and risk free.

Think about it, save the cord blood for your own future and for saving many more lives. Take this conscious decision.

By Miracle